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Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

If you live in Scotland and are struggling to repay your debts then a Debt Arrangement Scheme could be the ideal alternative solution to get things back under control.

A DAS is a debt payment programme, which has been approved by the government as a method to successfully manage debt problems.

It allows a borrower to pay off their debts in a more affordable repayment period to make things easier. In addition, you will be protected from any further action by your creditors.

Advantages of a DAS

  • If approved, all interest, fees and charges will be frozen, ultimately saving you money.
  • Reduced payments will reduce the monthly pressure.
  • Creditors will be paid what they are owed.
  • There is additional flexibility if your situation changes.
  • You are fully protected from your creditors.

Disadvantages of a DAS

  • Unlike with a Scottish Trust Deed, all of the debt has to be paid back.
  • Your credit rating will be affected for as long as the plan takes to complete - and for a period thereafter.
  • The debt repayment period may be increased (as the amount being repaid each month would have decreased).
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